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Radiant Heat Named One of “Eight Features Homebuyers Are Demanding in 2021” by Real Simple

By July 17, 2021 July 19th, 2021 No Comments

By now, it’s clear that luxury homeowners turn to radiant heat for their home heating needs, but a new story from Real Simple shows just how in-demand the system is. The lifestyle magazine consulted Zillow, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), and additional expert realtors to formulate a list of the top eight features homebuyers are looking for in this red hot market.

Heated Floors Are In-Demand

Journalist Terri Williams reports that according to Zillow, homes with heated floors sell for 3.2% more. She also quotes a New York City real estate agent who says, in part, ”Radiant heat… is gaining more popularity with today’s home buyers”. The agent says that the heating’s comfortability, allergen-free processes, and consistent flow are something buyers want. Of course, there are also consistent energy savings both in consumption and cost.

Radiant Heat Fits Into Other Trends

Among other trends on the list is the “modern farmhouse style,” which has been dominant over the last 4-5 years. The style is specific, highly notable, and perfect for radiant heat integration. Buyers want to see that style throughout, and radiant heat’s ability to stay neatly tucked away allows those design notes to flow without interruption.

Other Trends In the Report

The story also notes steam ovens, curbless showers, pizza ovens, and top-quality exterior lighting as key buyer wants. Each makes sense as typically found in luxury homes, trickling their way into more mid-range and entry-level properties. It also shows that radiant heat’s popularity is growing outside the luxury sector.


As the Portland market continues to be red-hot, more buyers are looking for that differentiating factor. Radiant heat is proving to tip the scales for many in the market. If you’re considering this upgrade for your home, call the team at The Earth Heating today at (503) 788-7777 and let their experience work for you.