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Your heating and cooling systems rely on a system of ducts. These must be installed correctly and repaired when necessary to maintain your ducted HVAC system. That’s because problems can actually hurt the efficiency of your main unit. A break in duct line de-pressurizes the entire line beyond the break. That means your system is working even harder to get to temperature. Don’t let money escape through your ductwork. Get ducts installed correctly and repaired to last from The Earth Heating.

What makes professional duct installation?

  • We map out your duct system for maximum efficiency.
  • We’ll cover different material costs.
  • Get ducts that work for your long-term intentions.
  • Our techs carefully insulate your ductwork.
  • We make sure ducts are in the background but accessible.
  • Choose steel, aluminum, or flexible options.

What ductwork problems do we repair?

Obstructions and blocks – Your HVAC system can encounter blockages in a number of areas. Registers or vents can become blocked. Clogged air-filters may also present the same problems. These blockages push dust and contaminants throughout your duck system and into the air. We find them and stop them.

Outdated duct layouts – If your home has been expanded or worked on, your ducts may no longer be right for it. We analyze your system checking pressures and outputs. Our technicians can retrofit your duct system to match your current layout, increasing system efficiency and airflow.

Bending and kinking – Kinked flexible ductwork restricts airflow and can lead to serious blockages. We repair and correctly align these areas for optimal airflow and eliminate the chance of bending, twisting, or kinking.

Poor insulation – Ducts aren’t always insulated correctly. This costs you heating and cooling capacity as the temperature tries to equalize while the air is in the ducts. That forces your system to work harder than it should. We properly insulate your entire duct system for better performance and energy savings.

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